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Sand Dunes

Are ya Session Ready?

Prepping your kids for your session:

"Will you help us not be awkward?" :)  Not everyone is comfortable with a camera and potentially a stranger following them around with one, so here are some tips for your kids or maybe your husband to make your session feel more relaxed.

1. HAVE FUN! This really is my only rule. Let me watch your family have fun. I love movement and connection so I will invite you all to play games, race, snuggle and move and move and move. Let your little ones be themselves, because they really aren't good at faking their emotions. I would rather capture them as who they are, instead of a forced teethy smile. 

2. Let them know what we are doing and why? Involve them in this session. Is there an idea for a photo they specifically want? Great let's do it. Let them all be a part of the process. 

3. I am not opposed to bribery, and snacks! Pick something fun for when the session is done, or bring small snacks or treats to have as we go. (I recommend things that wont stain or cause messy faces, like fruit snacks or smarties!) 

4. DON'T WORRY! Kids are kids, I will definitely make it my goal to get you the shot of everyone smiling and looking at the camera but if you love my work you will notice most of the beautiful images are appreciating the season of life for what it is. Genuine emotions and moments that you will look back on and remember what those feelings are. Those in between real moments are why I do photography, they satisfy my soul, so let it be and trust me when I say I am not expecting your kids to behave in any certain way other than themselves. 

If you're relaxed, having fun and playing then they will feed off of that and follow along. 

Session Checklist!

  • Date, time and location are set! 

  • Sign agreement/pay deposit review questionnaire and style guide.

  • Outfits selected and fit (try them on if they are new!)

  • Set a phone alarm and get directions so that you are one time (this is huge with catching the right light!)

  • Pack a bag with:

    • snacks/ water/ treats/ favorite little toys ​

    • wipes for kids faces

    • touch up makeup

    • shoes for inbetween walking like flipflops for the beach

    • spare clothes/ towel (for beach sessions) so you can get wet but head home more comfortable. 

    • Final payment for your session- Cash and Venmo is preferred. 

Ready.... Set... Go...

After our session time together you can expect your gallery to be delivered within 30 days. I will send you a link to access your gallery and from there you are welcome to download your images as many times and on as many devices as you like. If you would like you images sooner than the 30 days. (I do offer expedited editing and gallery delivery for a fee. Let me know what date you are needing your images by and I can give you a quote for that.) Your gallery will contain the high resolution fully edited digital images from your session, edited in color as well as black and white.


There is also an online store linked to your gallery should you wish to purchase physical prints and items that give your photos life beyond the hard drive. I highly highly recommend looking into investing into prints and products ensuring that all these photos to become a part of your family's legacy. We've invested so much to make these images meaningful for your family, printing them with a high quality lab is like the icing on the cake.  

Okay, now that I have given you all this to think about, I want to remind that these are tips and tricks but not the end all be all to your photo session. I am here to help you get the most out of your session, so please reach out to me if you have additional questions.


I can't wait to photograph your family and play a part in building your photo legacy. 




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