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Hi! I'm Lauren

I have a passion for creating, making & learning. My earliest recollection of this is kindergarten or so, creating a scrapbook of all the collectible plates you can order from a better homes magazine. Let's call it early stage editorial work and be grateful my style and taste have grown since then. In my senior year of high school I decided what I really wanted to be when I "grew up". I went through college and pursued a career as a sonographer or better known as an ultrasound tech or, in my mind, an internal medical professional photographer. I work with the youngest humans on the planet.  There is a piece of me that is drawn to capturing the smallest detail, and putting the pieces together to get the overall story, which is why I am so passionate about photography. I love being able to piece together the small details that make up the big moment that a photograph can capture. 

I have settled into one of the most gorgeous places to live -the central coast of California. I’m a mom of the two most beautiful children on the planet and married to the greatest, selfless, hardworking man ever. (I also might have a slight bias when it comes to my family.) The Lord has truly blessed me in this journey of life with people and love and laughter,  that have not only brought me happiness but have inspired me and motivated me to pursue more than I would have on my own. This is the reason I do this. You know those moments in life where you think to yourself how could I possibly be any happier than I am at this moment? I believe in capturing these moments for parents and families in a tangible way, so that they may be re-lived in moments of gratitude and remembered in moments of life’s trials.

I am so humbled that you have took interest in my page, and would love to chat with you about how I can service your photography needs.


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