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Thank you so much for trusting me with capturing your family. If you've made it to this page, you're on the hunt for a perfect location. Here are some of my favorites and some helpful tips for location choices.

Before narrowing down the exact spot of your session, try to envision what you're hoping to get most from your photo session? Are you wanting a large photo print for over your fireplace? If so colors of the location might be important in your home decor to you.

Are you hoping these photos will be an annual way to "freeze time" and honor your family each year? If this is the case maybe a location that means something to your family, like a favorite beach or park, or even your home or backyard. 

Are you wanting to create a book with these images? If so maybe you need a location with multiple options for backdrops in one spot.

 I am open to any and all locations along the central coast from San Luis Obispo to Nipomo,  I am also open to traveling beyond these cities lets chat and discuss possibilities and potential travel costs. 

If you don't have a specific spot in mind, but love what you have seen of my prior work here are some of my favorite spots for sessions. Take a look and let me know what you feel would be a great fit for your session. 

beachy vibes

Butterfly grove 

Probably one of my favorite places! This location has a lot of options as far as scenery. There is a eucalyptus mini forest, some bridge options, and some fallen old weatherd trees in the sand. 

Things to note, this location is too far from the ocean to include it in the time allotted for your session time. If you want images in the water then another location is a better fit, or adding on additional time and images may be an option for you. 

Palisades park

This beach is a little more rocky with access to tide pools when the tide is low. There is also the option for photos in grass and paved pathways.

There are fair amount of stairs to get to the beach at this location. There are also no public restrooms at this beach. 

North Pismo 

Another one of my favorites! I love this spot because it allows for beach photos, but also captures the beauty of the cliff edges of Pismo. When the tide is low you can see this water worn down rock staircase. 

Things to note about this location is there are A LOT of stairs to get to this part of the beach, so being physically able to take the stairs should be taken into consideration. The white staircase of rock is only accessible in low tide. 

Avila Beach

A great option with multiple backgrounds, also easy to access if you have people who do not do stairs well. 

There is enough time in sessions to get under the pier images at this location as well. 

More trees please!

strother park

This sweet park has an area that is open can look and feel like you're back in the woods, which means you have some options for images of kids playing on play structures, as well as some forest looking images.

One thing to note is that the area of with all the trees has some poison oak if you were to venture into the brush. I wouldn't place you in there for images but something to note if you have adventurous children or dogs! 

bishop's peak

Beautifully shaded oak trees, and large boulder rocks to use in your images. This is at the very base of the hike so don't worry if you don't want to hike to this location. Something to note is that there are no restrooms at this location, and to be mindful of the shoes you wear to your session as the terrain is not paved. 

Are these the only location options? Of course not, but these are some tried and true favorites of mine. If you don't see a spot that speaks to what you're looking for let me know what you're envisioning and we can work together to pick the perfect spot for your photos.