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Best Tips to keep in mind when making a baby registry.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

I remember when it came down to it and I started the task of putting together a registry for our first baby, I realized A. I have no idea what is necessary for tiny humans and B. how much stuff is out there for babies. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. I didn't know where to start or what products were the safest, how much of each thing would I really need. I put so much pressure on myself and did weeks and months of research on strollers and car seats and bottles galore. I am here to tell you..... take a breath.... it doesn't need to be so complicated! I put together a few little tips here that were helpful for me and hopefully can be helpful for you as well.

Tip 1. Amazon:

After hunting through different stores and wondering where I would make a registry it was a no brainer decision....Amazon for the win! A lot of my family lives all over the place so a specific store registry was a little more inconvenient. Amazon literally has everything you could need for a baby and if they don't they still allow for you to add items from say Target or Pottery Barn Kids to that same registry so everything you need in the entire universe on one list. Amazing right? If that wasn't enough they send you a bunch of baby freebies when you sign up, they offer a completion discount when you buy any remaining items from your registry, there's free 90 day returns, and they give you a diaper or baby wipe credit when you fulfill a certain dollar amount. You can find a link HERE to set up a registry for yourself.

Tip 2. Your best Mom friend.

So you have a registry set up, and you're thinking okay but what do I actually NEED. How many bottle nipples do you really need? My best advice is if you have a friend, sister, cousin, someone who is already a mom ,who you look up to, be your inventory and item concierge. Pick her brain on what was helpful to have and what was a waste. My sister-in-law was my go to on things I needed. She gave me a count of what she had in her cabinets and drawers, while keeping in mind how often I and she does laundry, dishes. If you don't have one of these gems, reviews online can be super helpful. Which leads me to tip number three.

Tip 3: Reviews

Reviews can be super helpful, especially with some big daunting items like a stroller or car seat. There may be features that are super important to you that might not be to another. Example: My 6"4' husband requested we get a stroller that the handlebar heigh was adjustable... and could go jogging. Talk about needles in haystacks ;). There are a ton of sites (as well as amazon) that compare and review and even have video reviews of strollers and products. Here are a few linked below.

Tip 4: Don't worry Be Happy :)

Remember not to let making a registry overwhelm you. Babies are fairly adaptable and will not be upset at you if you don't already have item xy or z set out upon their arrival. Enjoy the process of getting to know your baby and pick up items as you go. Amazon prime 2 day shipping for the win! Babies are all different and have different habits and tendencies and what might be a favorite item for one baby may not be for another. This is all part of the fun of getting to know your babe.

I would love to know what items you are adding to your list, or what items were must haves for your own babies if you've mastered the registry creating. Leave a comment below!

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1 Comment

Kathy Waldron
Kathy Waldron
Aug 16, 2019

Excellent article. Though I didn't have this terrific item for my three children I think it's a must have for new Moms. It is my go to baby gift. The amazing Diaper Genie!

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