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Prepping your baby for their in home newborn photo shoot.

If you've found yourself at this post I can only assume that you have booked your newborn photography session and now are worrying or overthinking. Let me start with an assurance that there is no need for you to worry. The very big perk of hiring a professional to take your newborns photo is that they are a professional. Babies are unpredictable and anyone who works with them on the regular knows that and expects that. You need not worry!

That first week or two with your new baby is almost like time just stops but also whirls around you at the same time. You may not know what day it is and morning and nights start to blend together. You lack of sleep but manage to have extreme concentration on your baby's every tiny detail, sound and smell. I am guessing the last thing you want to do is worry about baby's photoshoot.

This quick tip list is here to help you prep your baby for their newborn photoshoot but is not a MUST DO or ELSE type of thing. It's really designed to let you go check check check on your mental list and proceed to adoring and admiring and memorizing your baby's every detail. :)

1. Open them windows!- The first thing your photographer will do when they get to your house is politely say hello (hopefully) and then start eyeing your home for the biggest window with the best natural lighting. You might want to take a look the day before with the windows open for some spots that would be ideal and make sure they are slightly accessible to put baby in that light.

2.Keep it warm. Babies normally love to be warm and if you're wanting to get some naked photos a warm room is ideal.

3. Pay attention to baby's feeding schedule the day before, and feed baby prior to your session. A fed baby is typically a sleepy and happy baby and a little bit easier to work with for photos.

newborn baby feet

4. Change baby. Putting baby in a snap up or something that doesn't have to go over their head is helpful. If baby has been fed and is sleepy when your photographer arrives its much easier to take a snap up jammy off without disturbing your baby. If you're planning naked photos maybe also loosen the diaper just a smidge to allow for any imprints to be gone prior to the photos. If you want baby in a onesies or clothing skip step 4.

Lifestyle Newborn baby photography

5. Bonus: You don't have to clean your house, but picking up any extra clutter and throwing it in a laundry basket to be dealt with later is a bonus star for you. Family photos with your new baby in your home are a great way to document this season of life and you wouldn't want your eyes drifting to your chores in the background of the photo instead of your baby.

6. This final rule is a MUST: Just relax and enjoy! Newborn photo sessions can be lengthy and baby's don't always cooperate and that is OKAY! Newborn photographers are patient and know this so don't stress if baby wants to eat, needs changing or pees on your photographer. It won't be the first or last time.

Lifestyle newborn baby photography

If you're interested in booking a lifestyle in home newborn session with Lauren Hargreaves Photography please click here to contact Lauren and check availability.

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