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What to wear for your next family photography session.

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

So you've booked your family photography session for the year, and now are stuck wondering what you wear so that you maybe coordinate but don't look too matchey.. or does this look like were trying to hard? Anyone else overthink outfits like I do? I can tell you you aren't alone, as a photographer it is one of the most common questions I have after someone has booked a session. This is what I tell my own clients:

Make sure you pick something that you're comfortable in and that is "you". If you feel awkward in the outfit you've picked for yourself it will show in the photos. I usually tell Mom to pick her outfit first and then coordinate (not match) the rest of the family.

Another little trick is to look around your home and the colors you use there. If your home is mostly filled with blues and tans then a big print of your family in these colors would feel just right on your walls and in your home.

Buying a new wardrobe for the entire family is definitely not necessary, but if you're wanting a reason to shop and want to coordinate everyone well, does a nice job of making it easy with their "family matching" section online. It's all cute and reasonably priced and quick to match. Thank you Old Navy!

When all else fails, go to the almighty Pinterest! There are a ton of ideas that you are bound to find something that will fit your style.

Mostly, enjoy your photo session. Don't worry too much about outfits and perfection. Our families aren't perfect and to me the more authentic your photographer can capture your family, the more you will love the photo, hang it on your wall and make it a memory for your family.

Till next time,


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