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Why the "Mini" photo session might be right for you.

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

There is a lot of beauty in the short and sweet!

We all know everyone is in a mad rush around the holidays. There are parties to attend, decorations to hang, and lots of family members to share time with. Sure, getting everyone together for a family photo seems easy but not when you have a million other holiday responsibilities to take care of. If this sounds like you, I’d like to introduce you to what we in the photography biz call a mini session.

What are mini sessions?

Mini sessions are shorter family photo sessions for a discount price of a regular family session. Mini sessions are quick so they are not meant for large groups but are perfect for immediate families and typically run about 20 minutes per session. The location and date are preselected ahead of time and each family can sign up for a specific time slot.

Who are mini sessions great for?

Families with small children.

I have two small toddlers with big personalities and most times 1 hour is just too much for them. With mini family photo sessions you are in and out in 20 minutes. To young kids it almost feels like a short play date. If you have small children and getting them to sit still for long periods is a challenge, mini sessions are worth a try.

Families with husbands who would rather be watching football.

20 minutes is nothing! This is really for every inpatient member of your family who claims they don't love photos or aren't photogenic.

For those who only want a few photos.

Let’s say the main goal is a Christmas card, then perfect! Fall mini photo sessions make it easy for small and immediate families to get a 10+ images for their upcoming Christmas gifts or cards. No need to spend hundreds if your goal is to get one professional photo of everyone.

For those looking to save.

Not only do you save time, but you also save money by choosing to do a fall photo session! This year mini sessions are priced at $125 per 20-minute session with a delivery of 10+ images. You are guaranteed 10 edited, full resolution images. If we happen to take more beautiful ones those will be included as well.

For those who usually wait until the last minute.

The dates are selected ahead of time. Some of us need that extra incentive to get tasks done early. If you are using these photos for the holidays, taking hold of these sessions will force you to get something done ahead of schedule!

For the indecisive.

In order to make it an easy and in-and-out process, the location is selected ahead of time for you. By photographing a lot of people at different places and times, I have come to learn which locations have just the right amount of light, or a beautiful background to make your photo pop. The decision is already made for you and I am proud to announce that this year we have chosen Pismo Beach near the butterfly groves and Shell Beach!

If you are thinking this sounds like a great fit for your family please check out the time slots available for upcoming mini session on Sunday November 17th 2019 and December 15 2019.

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